Driscoll Children’s Hospital has learned a physician at its Driscoll Children’s Quick Care-Victoria after-hours clinic has tested positive for COVID-19. The physician saw two patients when last worked. Contact tracing was conducted by our COVID-19 team which found both the physician and patients/parents were wearing masks. Two other team members worked with the physician and wore masks as well. Masks were worn in order to protect our staff and patients by reducing the chance of exposure to contagious droplets.

The physician had a test performed as there was contact with a COVID-19 positive patient at another facility. The physician was and remains asymptomatic.

The patients’ families and our employees have been notified by Driscoll Children’s Hospital and are considered to be at low risk for acquiring the virus as the physician and all in the room were wearing masks. The patients and employees will self-monitor for symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath.

Driscoll continues to ask its employees to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 to help prevent the transmission of the virus as well as follow all guidance on social distancing, hand hygiene, and appropriate use of personal protective equipment.

Driscoll Children’s Hospital implemented its COVID-19 Leadership Team on March 17. The team works closely with the Health Departments in its markets and follows CDC guidelines.