A local family decided to make care baskets filled with food and pass them out to elderly residents this week; in a effort to show compassion for the seniors in the area that are in quarantine and among the most vulnerable to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The family followed the COVID-19 precautions and changed gloves at each visit and wore masks for protection. They decided to randomly knock on doors at the local senior apartments, placed the baskets at the door and stepped back 6 feet to see if they opened and explained their mission.

April Rios, Noe Gonzlales and Samantha Dix along with supporting family members provided the groceries for their children to make the baskets for seniors in the Alice area.

"This was the first time my kids were out of the house since school let out and it was rewarding for them to help others," said Rios. "We helped a total of 15 seniors and brought many of them to tears with gratitude. The recipients of the baskets thanked us for teaching our children to be kind to seniors and the importance of helping others."