Help is available for those who can no longer afford their prescription medications due to unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Texas A&M Healthy Texas helps those without insurance, or those with limited prescription coverage, obtain their prescription medications for free or almost free through the Medication Assistance Program.

The service provides assistance for medications that treat cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, mental health, glaucoma and other chronic diseases.

To maintain safe social distancing, the program’s community health workers (CHWs) connect with clients via phone, email or U.S. Postal Service. They review their client’s list of prescriptions and determine the best course of action for each. Usually, they are able to apply for free medications through pharmaceutical companies’ patient assistance programs, which is all handled by the CHWs completely free of charge.

Requirements to apply include a state-issued ID, Social Security card, proof of income and a prescribing physician who can sign the application and provide a valid prescription.

The program has multiple locations to serve the 27-county service area of Healthy Texas. Offices are in Corpus Christi, Falfurrias, Kingsville, Lake Jackson, Laredo and Victoria. However, assistance can be provided to those who live in surrounding areas as well.

No one should have to go without their medications, our goal is to help individuals get the prescriptions they need to be healthy, productive and happy.

Call 1-866-524-1406 to get started.