Four local women decided to do something special for the Alice Senior Class of 2020 in a response to all the traditional festivities being canceled due to the Coronavirus.

Rachel Molina, Cindy Ortiz, Bernadette Aguilar and Vanessa Everett came together and started a Facebook page titled "Adopt a Senior".

The page started April 14, since then neighboring schools have followed suit, the senior class at San Diego High School is also supporting a senior class adoption for local families to lift the graduates "spirits up" and this is how it works.

High-school seniors are posting their pictures and personal likes in food, hobbies, sports, and other interests and anyone wanting to adopt can message the senior on Facebook.

The sentiment is to support the seniors with gift cards, letters and small gifts to do something nice since their missing out on all the fun stuff seniors do. Almost half of the Alice senior class has been adopted.

"These kids are missing out on spring sports, prom, graduation and many other things. We wanted to give them some support and we hope to come together as a community and support them at this time," said Rachel Molina.