This year marks the 50-year anniversary, we as a nation celebrate the planet on April, 22 as National Earth Day.

While we as Americans are facing a national pandemic with local businesses and the economy coming to a sudden stop, one entity is thriving- the living planet.

Air pollution has dropped by 30 percent in the big cities of the nation in the past few weeks, according to NASA satellite data.The reduction in cars and planes operating due to community lock-downs, in response to the coronavirus has created a significant cleaner environment. The similar statistics on air quality are present in other countries like China and Italy, after pandemic shut downs.

Data would suggest, while we as human beings are suffering the planet seems to be doing better.

With all the many variables we as a community are facing today personally, locally, nationally and globally it is nice to check out what one local resident is doing to celebrate the planet on Earth Day.

In honor of celebrating life and the earth, Jim Wells County resident Artemio Villarreal is spending the day planting and celebrating his little navel orange tree. "My friend gave me two five-gallon buckets of seedless navel oranges from a tree he had on his land. Out of both the entire two five-gallon buckets of oranges only two single seeds were found. I planted both seeds and was so surprised to see my little orange tree sprout," said Villarreal. "I’m so proud of my little tree."