San Antonio startup’s innovative technology removes need for unnecessary in-person check-ins while also saving individuals under community supervision and civil servants time and money

SAN ANTONIO – Checkups, a San Antonio-based startup that tracks and monitors the locations of individuals under community supervision by the criminal justice system through a cloud-based mobile app, announced today that to combat the spread of COVID-19 it is offering all Texas counties the use of its technology free of charge until August 31, 2020.

Checkups, launched by Enrique Pavlioglou in 2017, provides an app-based system that removes need for unnecessary in-person check-ins by allowing civil servants in the criminal justice system to check-in with their court appointed contact through a mobile phone app.

Checkups’ technology, which captures a selfie that is time-stamped with its precise location through GPS, streamlines the process of monitoring and controlling the whereabouts of individuals under community supervision by removing the need for face-to-face meetings and in-house visits. Using Checkups also reduces the economic impact of this process by almost 90 percent for the average adult under community supervision by helping to minimize disruptions while at the same time allowing civil servants more time to focus on higher risk individuals. Texas counties already using Checkups include Bexar County Pretrial, Bell County, Lampasas County and Medina County. More than 1,000 individuals under community supervision are currently being monitoring by the technology.

“Using Checkups can help stop the spread of the Coronavirus by allowing county criminal justice systems in Texas to continue their supervision programs for specific individuals without requiring unnecessary in-person check-ins,” said Pavlioglou. “At the same time, our technology can also save these systems time and costs. Additionally, as prisons, detention centers and jails act as breeding grounds for COVID-19, endangering the safety of not just inmates but also civil servants, many counties are considering the possibility of releasing lower risk offenders to flatten the curve. We hope that these counties will consider using Checkups as they plan how to supervise and monitor these individuals in the coming months.”

Texas counties interested in learning more about Checkups should email or visit to learn more.