Three local school districts joined together to meet the Secretary of the Navy requirements for the Rural Schools Innovation Program and will be offering an ROTC program this coming Fall.

The Falfurrias Collegiate High School, Freer High School and Premont High School will have a new opportunity for students this coming year. The three schools did not meet the Navy ROTC Unit requirements for the program separately however, the collaboration of all schools does in regards to participated attendance like the larger 4A and 5A schools districts, does.

"I meet Joselito Tijerina, a Falfurrias graduate at a local game and it sparked a conversation about the many benefits the military can bring to our young students, " said Brooks County Superintendent Dr. Maria Rodriguez Casas. "It has been a two year process and the first application was denied, all three schools came together and with the help of Joselito Tijerina in our application process, we received the news we were approved."

The districts are planning to start the program for all three schools during the 2020-2021 academic school year.