The CHRISTUS Spohn Health System and Nueces County leaders held a press conference Thursday, May 7 to introduce a new technology they are calling a game changer in response to the coronavirus (COVIID-19) pandemic.

CHRISTUS Spohn solely purchased the $200,000 Cephid GeneXpert Infinity 48, a molecular diagnostic testing unit that can test 1,000 individuals with results in 24 hours. Currently, the testing turnaround for the COVID-19 is 48 tests, with results in 24 hours. This type of rapid testing can address flare-up situations in local nursing homes or meat processing plants, and undertake testing for large numbers of people at one time. The only draw back is the cartridges needed to perform the testing are bought separately through the County. Currently, 1,000 cartridges are available for testing, with County Officials looking to maintain supply.

"I feel good and strong because of this partnership and the fact that this comes on the National Day of Prayer with a partnership whose mission is the healing hands of Jesus Christ is not an accident in my humble opinion," said Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales.