Words are a powerful thing and when put together in a sequence they can tell a story. They can change a person's emotions, make a person empathetic about another person's life and many times connect people to each other. While everyone lives a different life, the situations can relate to one another.

After years of putting her dream on hold, Lupita Almaraz Aguilar, a Sandia resident, put together a collection of poetry she has written throughout her life. Poems about love, fun, and heartache. These poems were recently published in a book titled 'If The Hat Fits,’ A Poetry Collection by Lupita Almaraz Aguilar.

"I finally had a chance to live my dream. I started to research how I could publish a book," Aguilar said. She found "a great publisher:" Hope Kelley Book Publishing.

Aguilar put her dreams on hold and became a wife, mother, and lawyer before she finally got the chance to live her dream to publish a book of poems.

Because Aguilar has been writing since she was 12 it was hard to narrow down poems for publication. When she did narrow them down, she still had more poems to write. Finally, she knew the selections of poetry that she would publish. Aguilar was finally ready to release her book.

"This title came about because I have such an array of poems. Each story pertains to someone or some event and covers everything from the ‘Me Too Movement,’ to love, laughter, and tragedy," Aguilar said. "The chapter titled ‘All the Broken Pieces’ pertains to the loss of my daughter in 2009." Her favorite chapter, however, is "Laugh Out Loud."

This compilation includes her life-long poems that span forty-five years.  Some will make you laugh; with others you will reminisce; some will raise an eyebrow; and others will make you cry; because something in here just resonates with you or someone you know, according to Aguilar's bio.

"I started writing at the age of 12 and sent some to competitions in New York...sometimes, I just wrote what came to mind. Writing is an individual liking," Aguilar said. "The best thing about my writing is that there's a poem that everyone can relate to... it will make me feel good if my book helps people know they are not alone."

Aguilar hopes that her book is a success and gets sold world-wide. For a signed copy of the book in paperback or hardcover go to Aguilar's website: at  https://www.lupitaalmarazaguilar.com/bookstore.