With safety first, YWCA is excited to announce that following the recommendations of the CDC, governmental and health authorities, we begin our Phase I re-opening. The re-opening includes partial re-opening of YWCA pool for lap swim and aerobic classes and gym for land classes.

"Certain safety standards will be in place," said President/CEO Nancy Wesson-Dodd. "We will operate at or below 25% capacity. Lap swim, land and water classes will be on a first-come, first served basis. Masks, gloves, temps and social distancing will apply to all staff and participants," she continued.

For safety reasons, Phase I will not include locker room, cardio room, weight room, adaptive exercise room or patio access.

"In this new beginning, we will be vigilant about sanitizing, 6-foot social distancing, small group classes, masks, gloves and frequent hand-washing," said Wesson-Dodd. "This is YWCA’s first step in re-opening. After much research we are confident this is safe. We’ll continue to operate within government and medical guidelines for safety of staff and participants. As safety and health allow, we will modify our plan."