The Corpus Christi Public Libraries closes a 25-event centennial celebration with a Winter Wonderland at Anita and W.T. Neyland Library on Saturday at 2 p.m.

To mark the fifth anniversary of the South Texas snowfall, Kathryn Childers will unveil William Wilhelmi's clay artwork from "More Snow for Kids" and will give away free copies of "More Snow for Kids" to children who attend the event.

"More Snow for Kids: The True Story of the South Texas Miracle" was written by Clark Childers with illustrations in clay by William Wilhelmi.

The rhyming text tells the tale of the historic Christmas Eve snowfall of 2004. Clark Childers' story, William Wilhelmi's clay artwork, and the photography of the people of South Texas detail the snowfall.

Perhaps, the ending quote of the book from a nine-year-old sums up the excitement of the historic weather event, "I've been waiting for this my whole life."

Kathryn Childers is the author of "Snow," released in 2005, and "More Snow," which was releaesd in 2006.

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All centennial events are privately underwritten by private donations to the Friends of Corpus Christi Public Libraries and are free and open to the general public.