Despite rumors to the contrary, Robstown Police Chief Johnny Brown on Monday said he has no intention of entering the race to unseat Nueces County Sheriff Jim Kaelin.

Brown, a Democrat, said he has been approached by members of the community asking him to seek the party’s nomination in March for the sheriff’s race. However, Brown said he is committed to his current position.

“I appreciate people wanting me to run for sheriff, but I’m not interested,” he said. “It’s my hometown and I don’t really want to venture outside of here. I’ve got goals here in Robstown.”

Under Brown’s tenure as police chief for the Robstown Police Department, officers have received new vehicles and equipment, including new radios and computers inside their patrol cars and trucks. In addition, officers have been issued new weapons and body armor by the department. That is a change from previous administrations, when officers had to purchase their own equipment due to a lack of funding.

Brown has worked with city officials in applying for grants to pay for most of the new equipment and vehicles, while interdiction funds and taxpayer dollars fund a small portion of the rest. Brown originally had planned to retire from law enforcement before he was offered the position of police chief in October 2007.

The police chief said he will retire from law enforcement once he has accomplished the goals he has set out for the department, but there is still much work to be done. Brown said the priority will be to further establish a relationship with the community in order to better combat crime throughout the city.

The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life for people within his own hometown, Brown said, something he could not do as Nueces County Sheriff.

“It’s where my heart is,” he said.