After approving the formation of an in-house committee last month to help find a new superintendent, the Robstown Independent School District is still in the process of figuring out just who that committee will be comprised of.

RISD School Board president Roberto Tapia said Monday no potential members, nor the committee's organization, has been discussed.

"It just hasn't been brought up, yet," he said, adding such a discussion likely would not take place until January.

Trustee Osvaldo Romero, who originally pitched the idea of an in-house search committee earlier this year, said he is hopeful talks can begin as soon as possible.

"There's been some hesitation about how the committee is going to be formed," he said. "That's going to be our No. 1 discussion at the beginning of (2010)."

As for who he would like to see make up the important group of committee members, Romero was adamant it be as varied as possible.

"I personally would like each board member to appoint two individuals to serve on the committee," he said. "I would like to see members of the administration, teachers, the public, even students. If we could get at least one student (to serve), then it would make it a lot easier for the community to buy into what the board is doing."

The board approved the committee's formation during a Nov. 10 meeting. At that same meeting, a verbal confrontation took place between trustees and then-interim superintendent Tony Morales, an incident that later led to Morales' resignation.

Trustees claimed Morales was upset the district was conducting a search for a new superintendent, a claim Morales denied. Morales said trustees Tapia and Pablo Avila had offered him a contract to fill the position on a permanent basis prior to his hiring in July, which both Avila and Tapia denied.

Romero said while the situation is regrettable, he is confident Morales' replacement, Alfonso Obregon, will help the board in making sure the correct process is followed in its search.

"He understands there is going to be a search and he is OK with that," he said. "I'm pleased the board was finally able to acknowledge this was the best direction to go in. I do not really feel a sense of accomplishment, but of gratitude because we (trustees) were able to work together."