A 24-year-old Robstown woman reportedly nearly choked to death after trying to swallow a small bundle of heroin and cocaine during a search by police last week.

Police said a search warrant was executed Nov. 27 at a home in the 1100 Block of Ruben Chavez Road after an anonymous tip from the public informed officers about possible drug activity taking place in front of Lotspeich Elementary School.

Police officials said they had to force open the front door to the home after they arrived because there was no response when officers knocked. When police entered the home, they found 31-year-old Michael Castillo in the kitchen, where he was placed under arrest without incident.

Police said officers found Castillo's brother, Daniel, in the back bedroom of the home with Michael Castillo's girlfriend, Claudia Martinez, trying to hide a stash of drugs. They were both detained by police, but after placing the handcuffs on Martinez, officers said they noticed the woman was turning blue and couldn't speak when they tried to ask her if she was alright.

Police said an officer attempted to remove the obstruction by pushing against the woman's stomach, because he could not do the Heimlich maneuver since the handcuffs were not removed. After a few seconds, the bundle, which was wrapped in plastic, was extracted and police later identified the drugs inside as being about 10 grams of heroin and cocaine.

Police also found about $400 on Michael Castillo, which was confiscated because officers said he could not account for the money.

All three suspects were transported to the Nueces County Jail and charged with various drug charges, ranging from manufacture and delivery to possession of a controlled substance.

Police said this was the sixth time they have had to raid the home, which was being rented by two of the suspects. Each time, it has resulted of the arrest of different individuals for drug-related charges.

Anyone with any information on a crime can call the Robstown Police Department's new hotline at 387-TIPS. Callers will not have to give their name if they call the 24-hour hotline, police said.