Carolyn Moon is no stranger to letting her voice be heard when it comes to the local political scene, having been one of the most vocal critics of the Las Brisas power plant project.

Now, she's looking to earn a spot on the Corpus Christi City Council in order to give that same voice to others.

Moon, 63, grew up in Corpus Christi and is a retired educator with 17 years experience. She will be facing incumbent Mayor Joe Adame and challenger Ray Madrigal in the May 14 City Election.

"I haven't been happy with the way things have been going recently," she said. "I've been waiting for a knight in shining armor to come by and that didn't happen. So I said (to myself), 'If anything's going to get done, you better do it.'"

Moon said she grew concerned with Adame's decision to move the Public Comment portion of city council meetings from its scheduled noon time to the tail end of the meeting. Moon said that has created problems for residents who used to go during their lunch hour to give their concerns to the council, particularly since there is now no set time for when public comment might take place.

"That's the job of the city council - the people get to tell you what they think, and if they're not happy, fix it or at least try," she said.

Moon said she was unhappy that some members of the City Council opted to put their support behind the Las Brisas power plant project. The multi-billion dollar project is still waiting for state approval in order to move forward, but Moon said she is opposed to Las Brisas because she believes it will harm the city in the long run.

Moon said if elected as mayor, she would work to help promote economic development by providing more opportunities for small businesses to succeed locally. Part of her proposal includes providing financial incentives and making the permitting process easier for business owners.

"I'm real tired of giving tax incentives for outsiders to come in," she said.

"The mayor and other city council (members) don't seem to realize the city belongs to the citizens," she added.