A local businessman has filed a lawsuit against the Robstown Improvement Development Corporation and a landscape company, in connection with the construction of the Centennial Plaza in downtown Robstown.

The lawsuit was filed by Joe Avalos Jr. in Nueces County Court at Law No. 1 on Jan. 12.

According to the suit, Avalos is a business owner who operates a barbershop and leases office space in a building located immediately east of the Centennial Plaza, in the 500 block of E. Main Avenue in Robstown.

In his suit, Avalos alleged that soon after construction on the plaza began in July 2007, his building began to experience flooding during period of "light to medium" rain.

That flooding caused significant damage to the building, including to flooring, carpet and walls, according to the suit.

"Believing that the flooding would be abated once Centennial Plaza was completed, (Avalos) endured the nuisance," the suit stated. "However, the flooding continues today even when during periods of light to medium rainfall."

Construction on the plaza was performed by Fox Tree and Landscape Nursery, of Corpus Christi, at the direction of the Robstown Improvement Development Corporation, and both parties are named as defendants in the suit.

Avalos further alleged in his claim that work crews trespassed on his property, stored equipment and machinery in his driveway and broke a utility line serving his building.

Avalos claimed negligence on the part of the RIDC and Fox Nursery, and is seeking damages including property damage to the building, damage to utility lines servicing the building, loss of property value, business profits, damage to his driveway and "peaceful enjoyment of his property."

Those damages are not anticipated to exceed $1 million, according to court documents.

Editor's note: The office of the Nueces County Record Star is one of several businesses located in the building owned by Joe Avalos Jr. that is the subject of this lawsuit.