A local business owner is hoping to unseat the incumbent in the race for Place 3 on the Robstown City Council in order to bring better transparency to city government.

Diane Castro Rubio is a 1986 graduate of Robstown High School, and her family has owned a trucking business, South Texas Carriers, since the 1950s, she said. Rubio has been married for 17 years and has three sons, all of whom attend the Robstown Independent School District.

The challenger said the city must improve on making the local government more transparent to the public, as well as help to attract businesses throughout the city, not just in specific areas.

"There needs to be more transparency in town, effective communication, and we need to have inner goals, smaller goals, in order to help out with the…economic development they're bringing in," Rubio said. "We need to be able to have people come into Robstown, not go on the outer skirts of Robstown."

In addition, Rubio said she will make a concerted effort to listen to the needs of all of her constituents, not just a select few.

"We need to get the people to make more decisions for the town," Rubio said. "We need to hear out the residents…and have a vision that includes all the people, not just certain people."

Helping small businesses succeed is also a priority for the longtime business owner, since they are a main employer of the city's residents, she said.

"We want to bring in more small businesses so our children in the future can have a job, they can have opportunities here," Rubio said. "Instead of leaving Robstown, they can stay here."

The challenger said she wants voters to know that if elected, she will work hard to help bring change to the way things have been done under the current council.

"If they (residents) want change, and they want something different to come to town, we're going to work hard for it," Rubio said.