The Texas Education Agency released Accountability Ratings for area school districts last weeks with several schools seeing significant improvements.

The Agua Dulce Independent School District received an Academically Acceptable rating from the TEA, with both its high school and elementary schools receiving Academically Acceptable status.

The TEA rates schools as Unacceptable, Academically Acceptable, Recognized or Exemplary, based on TAKS scores and other factors.

Superintendent Donna Hilliard said Monday the district saw significant gains in some areas of its TAKS scores last year, although the loss of key personnel in the area of math did have a negative effect on those scores.

"When we look at the individual ratings, we've made some great gains," Hilliard said. "If we were to discount the areas where we were short on staff, we would have been Recognized."

Hilliard said the district has made some changes and hopes to improve on those scores for next year.

"We've had some changes in personnel, good support, good after-school programs," Hilliard said. "There are things in place to improve it."

The Banquete ISD received Recognized status as a district. Banquete High School and Banquete Junior High were both rated Recognized by the state, while the district's elementary school was marked Exemplary.

Superintendent Jim Rumage said Monday he was proud to see that his district received Recognized status based primarily upon its TAKS scores.

"We're tickled to death. Our scores have gone up every year for the last five years," Rumage said. "I attribute it to hard work from our teachers and to our after-school program."

Rumage said the district plans to continue those programs in the coming school year, and hopes to continue the positive trend next year.

"We're just going to keep doing what we're doing, and hopefully build on what we've done," Rumage said.

The Bishop Consolidated Independent School District received an Academically Acceptable rating from the TEA, although two of its schools were rated Exemplary.

Bishop Elementary and Bishop Primary both received the highest rating from the TEA, while Petronila Elementary and Luehrs Junior High both received Recognized status. The high school was rated Academically Acceptable. This lower rating, Superintendent Christina Gutierrez said Monday, was caused by an insufficient completion rate in the district.

"We clearly have exemplary academic scores, but (the rating) had to do with the completion rate," Gutierrez said. "We worked hard, and our teachers did a phenomenal job."

The Driscoll Independent School District received an Exemplary rating from the TEA, with both Driscoll Middle School and Driscoll Elementary receiving Exemplary status.