The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality fined Nueces Water Supply Corporation over $650 through an agreed order on March 9, based on violations discovered during a routine investigation on Aug. 10, including disinfectants found in lower than required levels at one junction point.

Nueces Water Supply Corporation was found to be in violation of Texas Administrative Code over failing to provide a purchase water contract during the TCEQ's investigation.

A purchase water contract authorizes the maximum hourly purchase rate and the actual pump capacity, which is at least two gallons per minute per connection, or at least 1,000 gallons per minute with the ability to meet peak hourly demands, whichever is less, according to the Texas Administrative Code.

At the time of the investigation, it was documented that the purchase water contract used by Nueces Water Supply Corp. did not specify an amount to be pumped or the peak hourly demand capacity, making the service pump capacity deficient, according to the violation description contained in the investigation report.

Investigators also found that disinfectant residuals were measured to be at 0.06 milligrams per liter of chloramines at a flush valve at the intersection of County Road 93 and County Road 16. According to the Texas Administrative Code, disinfection equipment should maintain a minimum disinfectant residual of 0.5 milligrams per liter. TECQ investigators found two days later, on Aug. 12, that disinfectant levels were back to compliance standards.

When investigators asked Nueces Water Supply Corp. officials for a copy of the plant schematics, five pumps that were owned by the company were not located on the maps. The lack of accurate system schematics was another violation counted by TCEQ at the time of the investigation.

By Aug. 16, NWSC had provided the TCEQ with a revised schematic for the plant, detailing the locations of all the service pumps owned by the company.

According to the agreed order, Nueces Water Supply Corp. was fined $655, and of that, the company deferred $131 due to an expedited payment.