Police investigating an alarm sounded at Robstown High School on Saturday arrested four youths who had allegedly broken into a nearby Dollar General store and stolen goods from the business.

Lt. Gilbert Gomez, with the Robstown Police Department, said officers were sent to the high school at about 1:40 a.m. after an alarm was set off. Once at the scene, police observed five juveniles throwing rocks at lighting fixtures outside the school, he said.

The youths fled the scene upon seeing the officers, Gomez said, but police were able to apprehend four of the five juveniles. Two of them were 14 years old, while the other two were 11 and 12.

Detective Sgt. Rick Paredez said when officers went back to the spot at the high school they had first seen the youths, police found packs of beer, ice cream and soft drinks on the ground. When officers asked the juveniles about the items, the quartet confessed to breaking into the nearby Dollar General store on Avenue J, Paredez said.

When officers visited the store, they found a window at the front of the store had been shattered, according to the police report. Paredez said the youths had broken the glass and run, but then returned to the store when they noticed no alarm had gone off. Three of the juveniles then entered the store and removed the merchandise found by the high school, including a few lighters, Paredez said.

All of the items were recovered and returned to the store, Paredez said. It was unknown why an alarm was not set off at the Dollar General after the front window was broken, he added.

Paredez said the department has video surveillance of at least three of the juveniles breaking into the store and stealing the merchandise.

All four of the youths apprehended by officers were arrested and transported to the Juvenile Justice Center in Corpus Christi, Gomez said. Police are still looking for the fifth member of the group.