A longtime resident of Robstown is hoping to knock off an incumbent opponent and bring a new perspective to city government as mayor.

Ruben Vaiz has been a resident of Robstown since 1960, when his parents moved to the city, and said last week that he is concerned with the direction the city is heading under the current mayor Rodrigo Ramon's leadership.

"I decided to run for mayor because I see the people are concerned here in Robstown and there's a lot of issues going on," Vaiz said, adding that he feels work only gets done by the mayor when its time for reelection.

"He's made a lot of promises and up until today, every time he runs, that's the only time we see him out there repairing streets," Vaiz said.

While he does acknowledge that the street improvement work currently taking place is a good thing, Vaiz said he feels there are other parts of the city being ignored, particularly the city's southside, which is prone to flooding. That is something he will try to address if elected to office, he added.

"Every time it rains, the sewage and everything comes out of the ground and makes a real bad stink…and they (city) haven't done anything to fix it," Vaiz said. "The residents are tired."

This election will mark the third time Vaiz has sought to become mayor of Robstown, having run unsuccessfully in 1993 and 2007. Vaiz, who has also previously worked in law enforcement, and another challenger lost to Ramon in that most recent election, but he is hoping this year voters will have a change of heart.

"I understand some of the people don't know me or the issues that I'm…fighting for," Vaiz said. "If they know that I'm trying to help them…maybe they'll decide what they want in this city this year."