After having a tough crowd to follow last week from Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's appearance in Robstown, Sen. Barack Obama arrived in Corpus Christi Friday afternoon to deliver a speech to a massive crowd that gathered by the island.

More than 6,000 people gathered at the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi to hear what Obama had to deliver. Many people at Obama's speech admired what he said when he spoke on the issue of education.

"Senator Obama was inspiring," said Brittany Lock, a senior at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. "What he said about education is what I liked the most. He shows an interest in making sure young people go to college and can afford college."

The line to enter Obama's speech stretched long and wide. Citizens young and old waited hours in the line to hear Obama's speech, but they felt Obama was worth the wait.

"I am tremendously excited to hear Senator Obama's stump speech," said Earl Jackson of Kingsville. "It is exhilarating to see a great, qualified black man being so wonderfully received in our area."

Many high schools from the Corpus Christi Independent School District were present and a number of high schools from around the Coastal Bend-area came out to hear Obama's speech as well.

Obama, 46, could become the second youngest U.S. president. President John F. Kennedy was the youngest when he took the oath of office at the age of 44.

"This year I will be voting for the first time and I am definitely supporting Obama," said Antoine Cloud, a senior at Moody High School. "His issue on education and giving money to college students who work for it was good to hear. I got to shake his hand and it felt great."

Obama spoke on issues regarding overall healthcare for the American people, the war in Iraq, money for college students, minimum wage, the No Child Left Behind Act and many more subjects.

"If Hillary wins the (Texas) primary, then we will continue around the county," said Obama volunteer Rupert Davis of Scotland. "But if not, then Obama's fight is over. I believe that Obama has inspired many people from overseas, like myself, to become volunteers and help him in his campaign."

Obama's speech was about 45 minutes long and had the crowd on and off seats the whole time. "Si se puede" and "We need a change" were just some of the chants shouted by Obama supporters.

"Senator Obama has already started great change," said Don Leavell. "He is bringing ethnic groups together and never in the history of our nation have we seen this. Obama is about bringing people together, and that's what America should represent."