Tuloso-Midway students launched a rocket Tuesday morning at the high school as a crowd of media and others looked on.

"I like to see how things work," said Tuloso-Midway junior Justin Guinn. "This could be a really nice hobby later in life cause it's fun."

The Aero Science class of teacher Chris Schulz is brand new at T-M. Schulz started the program based on a similar program at Fredericksburg Independent School District. Fredericksburg High School started receiving governmental funding from NASA and Schulz hopes for the same.

This is the second rocket launching at T-M this year. The first launch was an experimental test without any base knowledge, but now the students are further in the year and are learning about the physics of rocketry and what mistakes they made the first time around.

"I provide the materials and the kids design the rockets themselves, no kits," Schulz said. "Our next launch will be in six weeks when the kids will design a rocket to get to a specific height and angle."

Schulz's goal for his class is to design a rocket 6- to 8-feet tall that uses a hybrid motor to launch 1 mile in the air per 1 pound of weight.