Uninsured Nueces County residents who want to save money on their prescriptions just got a little help, and it doesn't cost a dime.

County leaders Wednesday unveiled the county's participation in the Gold County Prescription Discount Card program, in which individuals could save as much as 30 percent on prescription medication.

"This program targets those who don't have health insurance and may not qualify for Medicare," said executive assistant Tyner Little, adding those with health insurance can still qualify for the Nueces County prescription discount card.

There is no enrollment fee for participants, as well as no income or age requirements, and the card can also be used for pet medication. The card is not a form of insurance, but rather enables a person to get prescription medication at a discount, county officials said.

The program, which is a joint effort between Gold County and the National Association of Counties, has over 57,000 participating pharmacies nationwide, according to NACo's Web site.

Locally, CVS, Walgreen's, H-E-B, Target and Wal-Mart are listed as participants in the discount card program, which can also be used to assist with a prescription that is not covered by insurance. However, the card cannot be used in conjunction with a person's health insurance, Little said.

The program will save an average of 20 percent off a pharmacy's regular price on all commonly prescribed medications and an average of 30 percent off a pharmacy's retail price for generic medicine, county officials said.

Cory Trevino, who is a pharmacy technician at Modern Pharmacy in Robstown, said he felt the program would be beneficial for residents in need of some help with prescription prices.

"I think it's better," Trevino said. "They'll feel like they're getting discounted prices and they won't feel intimidated by prescription prices.

"I do have out-of-pocket customers and customers who don't have insurance, but I try not to profit off them."

About 78,000 of the Nueces County cards are available at all Stripes locations in the Nueces County area, though may be ordered if the demand exceeds that amount, Little said.