Place 1 Robstown City Council candidate Noel Silva believes even though drug abuse and crime is still prevalent in some Robstown neighborhoods, change is possible. Silva is running against Robstown City Councilwoman Sybil Tipton.

Silva is a Robstown native and a graduate of the Del Mar College Police Academy. He has worked in law enforcement for 17 years and is currently a Classification Officer for the Nueces County Sheriff's Office. He is married with one child and another on the way.

A relative newcomer to running in elections, Silva said he was prompted by his friends and neighbors to give it a try. He said he has seen firsthand the affects drugs have had in his neighborhood and wants to see a change.

"I've seen some of the same people in my area turn up at the Sheriff's Department," he said. "I know Chief (Johnny) Brown and the other officers attend to the issues there in the neighborhood, but I want to find a way to help in rehabilitating people and in increasing the number of patrols conducted in neighborhoods with high concentrations of crime and drug activity."

Silva also pointed to the city's sewer system, which he said needs work in several areas of town. He said when complaints arise from citizens, they need to be taken seriously and get addressed. He said many streets in the community have been neglected for too long.

"I'm very much a people kind of person. Any complaints that may arise, I want to see them get addressed," Silva said. "This is an opportunity for the people to come forward and make a change in their community."

Silva also wants to see the city have a hand in helping promote more job opportunities in the area. He said job growth would lead over time to the development of a healthy environment for the citizens of Robstown.