After serving nearly seven months as the interim-superintendent for the Robstown Independent School District, Alfonso Obregon has been named the sole finalist to be the permanent superintendent for the district.

The RISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously in favor of naming Obregon the sole finalist in its regular board meeting last Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Obregon said he would dedicate himself to the Robstown school district.

"My commitment to the board and my commitment to the district is to strive to provide the best quality educational opportunities for all of the students," Obregon said. "(And) at the same time to provide quality staffing, quality faculty to fit the positions that are vacant and to build a stronger foundation of professionalism within the district."

Obregon also stressed the importance of the unanimous vote from a board that has been divided on many issues recently.

"I think it sends a strong message to the district that the board is focused on the overall educational philosophy that I bring to the district," Obregon said. "It provides stability and integrity to the position that I hold."

When asked if the district's history with recent past superintendents had given him cause for concern, Obregon said any reservations he may have had have been resolved.

"I don't, not at this point. Prior to this month I had my reservations. I had not become an applicant because of the history of the district, the situation with governance issues," Obregon said. "But I feel that we have come to an agreement that the governing body will be the policy-making body of the district and I will manage the district as authorized by statutes."

The vacant position of superintendent was posted by the district in November, shortly before Obregon was named the interim.

The district received 15 applications over the past seven months, Obregon said.

Now that he has been named the sole finalist, state law requires the district to post that announcement for 21 days.

Following that period, the board will be free to give final approval and extend a contract offer.

Obregon said no official contract has been considered, but he has told the board he is seeking a two-year contract.

"I mentioned to them that to me, two years is an adequate contract," Obregon said. "It's a two-way street. The board will be protected in not having a long-term contract with a superintendent, because you never know the relationships. And, for the superintendent, it's an adequate position because it's (guaranteed) two years."

In addition to naming Obregon the finalist for superintendent, the board also approved a contract with his wife, Teresa Obregon.

A former teacher in the Pearsall Independent School District, Teresa will teach second grade at Hattie Martin Elementary.