The Flash returns?

During a Nueces County Commissioners Court meeting last week, members of the court got up in front of the podium to honor Roland Medrano, director of human services, for 30 years of service.

County Judge Loyd Neal was speaking about Medrano when attendees in the back of the courtroom witnessed a panic-stricken Tyner Little, executive assistant to the county judge, fly out of the courtroom. A few attendees exchanged looks of bewilderment before turning their attention back to the ceremony.

The reason for Little's abrupt exit from the room became known about a minute after his exit when Neal turned to Purchasing Agent Elsa Saenz and asked for the watch county leaders were to present to Medrano for his years of service.

"Your speedy assistant has run down to get it," Saenz said.

After a brief pause, Neal replied.

"I assume you're talking about Tyner?" Neal said with a laugh as he looked toward the doorway Little had run through.

Breathe in, breathe out

Moments after Neal's comment, Little entered the room with the watch, completely out of breath. He walked to the front and handed Neal the watch, which had been left by Saenz in her office on the first floor.

Since Commissioners Court is on the third floor, Little ran down four flights of stairs to retrieve the watch, then back up all four to return to the courtroom, all within about a minute-and-a-half.

The speedster's good deed did not go unnoticed by the county judge as the ceremony neared its end.

"Well, Roland, the watch made it," Neal said as a few members of the audience chuckled.

"Thank you," Medrano said to Little as Little stood in the back of the room, still out of breath.

"Tyner is back there having CPR," Neal added as attendees laughed approvingly.

With a good-natured, but exhausted smirk, Little began to walk out of the courtroom to get some air.

"I'm going to the defibrillator," he said as more laughter erupted.

Must be the suit

Emergency Manager Coordinator Bill Roberts had just finished speaking to county leaders at their April 2 meeting when Precinct 1 Commissioner Peggy Banales commented on Roberts's attire, a dark sports jacket.

"Your jacket looks very nice," she said.

Roberts, who is normally not seen with said coat, smiled appreciatively while other members of the court chimed in.

"You just made his day," Neal said jokingly as the other county leaders chuckled along. "We won't be able to stand him all afternoon."

"Off the Wall" is compiled from various public meetings from around Nueces County.