Robstown police are looking for volunteers to help out with its annual citywide operation to wipe out graffiti from neighborhoods and local schools.

Sgt. Derley Flores is asking for members of the public to take part in Operation Tag Out, scheduled to take place Aug. 31, in order to help rid the community of graffiti. Officers are teaming up with the City of Robstown's Code Enforcement office and various community volunteers to address 13 problem areas around town.

"We would like for them to help us out as a community and help keep our neighborhoods clean," he said.

Operation Tag Out began in July 2009 after police noticed graffiti rising up around town that was in danger of leading to gang violence. It was followed up by a second operation in October.

Volunteers will meet at the Robstown Police Department on Aug. 31 at 7 a.m. and then be assigned to teams that will spread out throughout the city for the cleanup. The department will provide the supplies for the operation, which will include covering and cleaning locations around town that have spray painted buildings, fences and signage. Volunteers will utilize a pressure washer, paint and graffiti remover during the six-hour operation, Flores said.

Anyone wishing to volunteer and participate in the graffiti cleanup is asked to contact Sgt. Derley Flores with the Robstown Police Department at (361) 387-3531.

Residents are also asked to call the department if any graffiti or taggers are sighted, Flores said. Anyone wishing to leave an anonymous tip can call the department's hotline at (361) 387-TIPS.