A former employee with the City of Robstown is looking to bring new ideas to the city council in her first bid for public office.

Rosa Ena Medina-Villarreal is facing incumbent Abel Tamez for the Place 4 seat on the city council. She is a lifelong resident of Robstown, and was the valedictorian of her graduating class from Robstown High School in 1992.

She moved away for 10 years in order to pursue her education, but has since returned, along with her husband and three children, to her hometown with a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Texas-Arlington.

Medina-Villarreal has also been working in city government for 13 years, including five with the City of Robstown as a grants administrator. She currently works in the human resources department for the City of Corpus Christi.

"I just felt like this was an opportunity for me to share my knowledge and experience with the council," Medina-Villarreal said. "After working there for so long, I feel like I know the operations of the city and I know some of the issues, the things that need to be improved on."

If elected, Medina-Villarreal said she would take an in-depth look at the city's budget, in order to urge the council to reprioritize what issues it places importance on.

"It seems like they're focused on economic development and they have their (Emergency Medical Services) director telling them that they have one reliable ambulance for the whole city," Medina-Villarreal said. "They have their fire chief telling them that they're short-handed and don't have enough fire fighters to meet state guidelines if there was ever a big fire.

"You need to adequately take care of the citizens you have right now rather than focus on bringing more businesses and more citizens into the community."

Medina-Villarreal said she does credit the existing council for accomplishing some good things, such as the road improvement project currently underway. However, she said there is room for improvement, which she hopes to bring to the council, along with a fresh set of views.

"I think that I can bring a unique perspective to the council, since I have worked for the city, I am a citizen and I am a voter," the challenger said. "I think I can bring a more well-rounded perspective to the council."