District 27 U.S. Representative Solomon Ortiz will return to Washington D.C. for his fourteenth term in office, after Ortiz defeated both a Republican and Libertarian challenger for his seat.

In statewide polling, Ortiz received 104,698 (57.94 percent) of the vote, while Republican challenger Willie Vaden received 69,354 votes (38.38 percent) and Libertarian Robert Powell received 6,618 votes (3.66 percent).

In Nueces County, Ortiz received 52,457 votes (52.52 percent), Vaden received 43,809 votes (43.86 percent) and Powell received 3,621 votes (3.63 percent).

A native of Robstown, Ortiz has served in the U.S. Congress since 1982. Prior to his election to the House of Representatives, Ortiz served as a Nueces County Constable, a Nueces County Commissioner and as Nueces County Sheriff.

Ortiz currently serves as Chairman of the Readiness Subcommittee on the House Armed Services Committee.

Vaden, a former mayor of Ingleside, ran unsuccessfully against Ortiz in 2006, as did Powell. Results in the 2006 election nearly matched Tuesday's tallies exactly, with Ortiz receiving 56.77 percent, Vaden 38.91 percent and Powell 4.31 percent.

Ortiz also defeated Vaden and a Libertarian challenger in 2004, with Ortiz receiving 63.13 percent of the vote.