For the second time in two months, the Robstown ISD board of trustees voted last week to realign the officers on the board.

Board member Jerry Gonzalez asked that the item be placed on the agenda for the board's Feb. 17 meeting, after two previous meetings had ended in shouting matches between board members. Gonzalez said Board Chairman Adolfo Lopez was the person to blame for those outbursts.

"The flare ups in the board meetings, people are tired of all his shenanigans. Him not being able to talk to all of the board members is not a good sign of unity and it's not a positive thing for the kids in our schools," Gonzalez said. "There were a lot of concerns from parents who were here at the last board meeting."

Gonzalez then nominated Board Member Robert Tapia to be chairman of the board.

Following Gonzalez's nomination, Tapia introduced a nomination for Pablo Avila to be chairman, saying he had the qualities necessary to direct the board.

"He is highly educated, and I've seen him in action. He's a good researcher and good public speaker," Tapia said.

Board member Richard Gonzalez re-nominated the current chairman, Lopez.

Once the vote was held, Tapia received four votes, from himself, Eva Orona, Jerry Gonzalez and Rosendo Espinoza. Lopez received three votes, from himself, Richard Gonzalez and Avila.

Avila did not receive any votes.

Following the vote, Tapia attempted to explain his vote for himself, when members of the public began shouting him down.

When order was restored, the board then proceeded to vote Avila as vice chairman, Jerry Gonzalez as Secretary and Orona as assistant secretary.

Following the meeting, Orona said a change was necessary.

"My anticipation of reorganizing the board was so that we can have a more controlled meeting and follow the decorum that the board members are given," Orona said. "We have a set of rules we follow in order to conduct the school board business. And when you have leadership that doesn't go with that, it sends a bad message to the students, the administrators and the community as a whole."

Jerry Gonzalez agreed, and said it seemed past differences among board members now might be set aside.

"It seems like Tapia wants some kind of unity here, with me and Eva being elected to the board as secretary and assistant secretary. That's a step in the right direction, I think," Gonzalez said. "Robert Tapia at least talks to all of the board members. We may not vote the same way all the time, but we need somebody we can talk to."