Nueces County leaders are in the midst of planning for a park renovation project in Banquete that could cost up to $1 million.

The 17-acre stretch of land on which the park is to be located was donated by the Banquete Independent School District in 2006 and contains a baseball field and concession area. It is located near the high school.

The school district had donated the land because it would have been unable to develop the property properly and renovate the baseball field, since they had already constructed a brand new, multi-million dollar elementary school, Precinct 2 Commissioner Betty Jean Longoria said.

Currently, the commissioner has about $500,000 allocated to the project, money that was part of the Certificates of Obligation 2004 Series. Last week, Nueces County Commissioners unanimously approved submitting an application to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for a grant from its Texas Recreation and Parks Accounts Program.

The grant has a maximum award of $500,000 and requires a match of at least the amount being requested. So, if the county receives the maximum amount, it would theoretically have to put up a match of $500,000.

However, the county has been declined for this grant before, said Nueces County Grants Administrator Roxana Hunt.

"We missed out by one point," Hunt said.

As a result, the county has a back-up plan in place should the application be denied - continue work as scheduled, minus some parts. Currently, preliminary development plans include building a walking trail, softball field, Little League and T-ball field, basketball and volleyball courts and a multi-purpose field, among other things.

"We would scale it down a bit," Longoria said. "The baseball field is going to be at the top of the list, I'm sure."

Hunt said the county should hear whether or not they've been awarded the grant sometime in June.