Following the election of two new board members earlier this month, the Robstown Independent School District Board of Trustees voted to realign the officers on the board Thursday night.

Board member Richard Gonzalez opened up the process by nominating Adolfo Lopez as president of the board. Lopez was not present at Thursday's meeting, and Gonzalez's nomination did not receive a second.

Newly elected board member Osvaldo Romero then introduced a motion nominating Robert Tapia to remain as board president, Pablo Avila to remain as board vice president, himself for secretary and Eva Orona to remain as assistant secretary. That motion received a second and was initially voted in favor by Tapia, Romero and board member Ernesto Gallegos.

Avila, Orona and Gonzalez initially abstained from the vote, bringing criticism from Romero.

"There is no reason for anyone to abstain. I don't think there's any justifiable reason for anyone to abstain," Romero said. "You either vote 'yes' or 'no.'"

Avila then rescinded his abstention and voted in favor of the nominations, passing the issue. Orona and Gonzalez re-stated their desire to abstain.

In other business Thursday, the board heard a presentation from Luis Espinola, president of Azteca Construction, the firm overseeing the construction of Seale Junior High. Espinola reported that the construction was nearly completed, and requested the district release an estimated $600,000 in retained fees to allow him to pay sub-contractors. The board did not take action on the issue Thursday.