The Christmas and New Year's holidays will see all available Texas Department of Puplic Safety troopers patrolling Texas roadways in an attempt to make travel safer for all Texans.

Troopers will be focusing on locating drivers who may be intoxicated, but also will be looking for speeders and seatbelt violators.

All available troopers will be on patrol from Thursday through Sunday, and again on Dec. 31 through Jan. 3.

During the Christmas holiday last year, DPS troopers arrested 651 drivers for DWI and issued 15,400 speeding tickets and 2,580 safety restraint violations. During the New Year's holiday last year, DPS troopers arrested 304 drivers for DWI and issued 5,173 speeding tickets and 912 safety restraint violations.

"We want to do all we can to minimize the number of traffic crashes and fatalities during this holiday season. Texas drivers can do their part by designating a sober driver if they've consumed any alcohol. The holidays are no time to spend in jail, but we will arrest any driver who is impaired," said David Baker, assistant director for the Texas Highway Patrol.

DPS officials offered the following advice for holiday travel:

Drive with courtesy; it's contagious. Remember, it's the holidays. Slow down-especially in bad weather, construction areas and heavy traffic. Don't drink and drive; get a designated driver. Buckle up everyone in the vehicle. Keep cell phone chatter to a minimum and avoid texting. Avoid drowsy driving. Make sure the vehicle is properly maintained.