Parents at Tuloso-Midway Primary School won’t receive the traffic relief they seek until after the October intercession, school officials said last week.

One of four ongoing reconstruction projects in the Tuloso-Midway Independent School District, the bus loop, was delayed several weeks after project manager Ricardo Rodriguez pointed out problems with the curbing installed at the site.

Once the issue was relayed to TMISD trustees, Garrett Construction was called upon to reinstall the concrete slabs at the site. The bus loop project is budgeted at $670,000. The cost of the concrete redo was absorbed by the contractor.

Drain inlets were completed last week on the project, and final grading at the locations took place this week.

TMISD Interim Superintendent Sue Nelson said the delay in opening the loop will give the district time to consult with traffic engineers on the proper signage.

The loop is intended to help alleviate traffic congestion in front of the primary school by allowing buses to drop off and pick up students on the south side of campus, away from parent traffic. Since the beginning of the school year last July, however, parents have had to resort to parking in an adjacent lot across the street from the primary school in order to drop off their children at school.

Along with the bus loop construction, a brick partition was erected against the south wall of the primary school, to surround two dumpsters utilized by the school.

A rolling fence will also be added in front of the new wall, to mask the dumpsters from view. The wall was completed using remaining funds from the bus loop project.