Robstown Place 1 City Councilwoman Sybil Tipton said there has never been a goal or objective she has set for herself that she has not been able to achieve. Tipton is running for her seventh term on the city council against challenger Noel Silva.

"I feel like I have a heart for giving and for giving back. I don't consider myself a politician. I consider myself, just from my background and the morals that have been instilled in me from my family, more of a servant. That's how I see myself," Tipton said. "I just want to help the people here in my town have a better quality of life."

Tipton is a 1974 graduate of Robstown High School and a 1978 graduate of Trinity University in San Antonio. She currently serves as the 21st Century After School Coordinator for Solomon P. Ortiz Intermediate School.

Tipton said this current city council has been able to work together for the last 10 years with a great deal of unity.

"We really consider ourselves leaders with a vision and we want to keep that vision alive. The problems that we have are not problems that have happened overnight. I use our streets as an example," Tipton said. "It took years for big trucks to get the streets to where they are right now and it's going to take time for us to make other improvements, but we've started that."

Tipton also referred to the outlet mall project and the community housing West Star Subdivision as projects in progress. The council is also working on a new City Hall complex, which is a $5.5 million project.

"More than anything, I'd like to see those outlets come in, but it takes time. People don't realize that. I've always been taught that anything worth having is worth doing right. It take time to do things right. That's the main thing, to bring jobs and to make sure we are working on economic development," Tipton said. "Bringing jobs and opportunities for our constituents, I think that will happen with the outlets and with our Robstown Trade Processing Inland Center. Those are the projects I'd like to see us do and finish up."