After weeks of turbulence between Robstown school officials, the superintendent of Robstown schools has submitted a police report alleging that a school board member threatened him during a private board meeting.

Superintendent Roberto Garcia filed a complaint Oct. 10 against board member Adolfo Lopez, alleging that Lopez, the longest serving member on board with 11 years, threatened Garcia during an executive session of the board on Oct. 9.

The report has not been signed by Garcia and made official as of press time Tuesday afternoon.

Garcia told the newspaper Monday that he was still making corrections and additions to the report. Garcia declined to release details, saying only that Lopez threatened him during an Oct. 9 executive session of the board.

"He had done it previously," Garcia said.

New Robstown Police Chief Johnny Brown said Tuesday afternoon the report could not be made public until Garcia had signed it. Brown described the gist of Garcia's report as "a verbal assault."

Brown said as late as Tuesday morning that he planned to meet with both Garcia and Lopez to reach some sort of agreement.

The meeting never took place as scheduled Tuesday morning, Brown said.

"I talked to Mr. Lopez and he was going to go see Garcia," Brown said.

Garcia, who has at times faced blistering criticism from Lopez during public sessions of the Robstown school board, said Tuesday that he would sign the report soon.

"I do plan to pursue this," Garcia said Tuesday.

Lopez told the newspaper he met with Garcia Tuesday and apologized for his actions during the executive session.

"As far as I know, Dr. Garcia told me he was going to think about pulling that report back," Lopez said. "We had a pretty good conversation today for 35 to 45 minutes. Dr. Garcia himself told me he was going to rethink about filing the complaint and get back to me."

Lopez said the argument arose Oct. 9 as the school board was discussing recent accusations of verbal and physical abuse of Robstown students by school security officers and personnel, including an alleged strip search of a junior high school student.

A security officer, a RISD police officer, a high school truancy officer and an assistant principal at Ortiz Intermediate School were subsequently suspended after a report about the alleged strip search surfaced in the community.

Lopez said Garcia alleged during the executive session that Lopez had something to do with the distribution of the confidential document. Lopez said he didn't appreciate being accused of being involved with the document.

"We were having a discussion and emotions got high and we exchanged words, and that was it," Lopez said. "Did I actually threaten to hurt the man? No, I didn't. That's something I would never do.

"It was a very sensitive issue. You had parents that were upset. You had students that were being threatened and harassed. A lot of the board members, including myself, were under a lot of pressure."

Lopez said he apologized to Garcia for his remarks during the executive session, adding more apologies would be forthcoming.

"I intend to publicly apologize to the community for my actions, to Dr. Garcia and to the other board members," Lopez said. "I personally don't think it was a threat. If Dr. Garcia thinks it was, I apologize to him."

Lopez said he and Garcia "needed to sit down, hash out our differences and move forward for the kids."

"We both want what's best for our kids in the district," Lopez said. "We can both agree to that."