The Sparkling City Chorus of Sweet Adelines is seeking women with a good ear for music and desire for fun to join them for a "Sing 'N Sizzle Fiesta" performance on August 4.

The Sparkling City Chorus of Sweet Adelines International is a women's a cappella chorus that uses jazz vocals, choreographed pop tunes and harmony in its performances.

From June 23 to July 28, the group will meet to practice each Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at the Parkway Presbyterian Church choir room, located at 3707 Santa Fe in Corpus Christi.

Performers will receive free vocal instruction, free sheet music and free learning CDs to prepare them for the show.

Lela Gallo, one of the organizers of the event, said it will be an excellent opportunity for women age 13 years or older to participate in a unique and fun musical experience.

"We think it's a really fun thing for a mother and daughter," Gallo said. "For sisters, friends in high school, maybe girls who sing in the choir in high school or college. We love their energy."

Although Gallo said it was important that applicants have a good ear for music, they do not have to have any formal music training.

"Many of our members are expert musicians," Gallo said. "Other women read music in varying degrees, and other women do not read a note of music."

Gallo said they are especially interested in women who have "non-traditional" voices.

"We would love to have women who can sing low parts," Gallo said. "There are women who in their church choirs sing with the male tenors, and that's ideal for barbershop."

Gallo, who joined the Sweet Adelines in 2000, said her biggest regret is that she didn't join earlier.

"I would go to the performances and think, 'I can't sing that well. I can't do that'," Gallo said. "The training that I got, the patience and the confidence you learn, it's just sharing music. It's a great group of women. I wish I had joined 10 years before."