The Texas Department of Transportation's change of heart on the concept of the Trans-Texas Corridor came as good news for most Texans, but the issue is far from resolved, a Nueces County Farm Bureau representative said.

Farm Bureau president Jim Massey IV said there is still more work to be done to address transportation needs around the state.

"Until the legislation is changed to remove the statutes authorizing the Trans-Texas Corridor, we still have work ahead of us," he said. "There is a need for new roads and infrastructure in Texas, but the original Trans-Texas Corridor plans were not the way to go about it."

Some of the highlights Massey noted in the new proposal include breaking major corridor projects into smaller segments and the Texas Department of Transportation seeking local input for the development of each segment.

"It is important that community needs are considered, and that impacted landowners be actively involved in the planning process," Massey said.

Some parts of the TTC concepts still remain intact, such as toll roads, development agreements and issues revolving around eminent domain. But Farm Bureau leaders at all levels are working with lawmakers to address those concerns, Massey said.

"While we are making headway in getting some of our issues addressed, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels," he said. "The time for reform is now."