On Nov. 3 Hattie Martin Elementary's Gifted and Talented students hosted a "Promote the Vote" presidential rally.

The main purpose of the rally, organizers said, was to send a message to excite the student body about the elections and to emphasize the importance of voting. Under the direction of Norma J. Longoria, Gifted and Talented teacher, the students performed two short plays.

The "Election Day" play's message was the historical impact this election would have. Another short play, "Head to the Polls," emphasized the importance of voting and the effects it has on communities and the American people.

District 34 State Rep. Abel Herrero made a special appearance at Martin Elementary where his daughter, Annalisa, is a third grade Gifted and Talented student. He addressed the student body by also emphasizing the importance of voting and getting involved at an early age.

Two Gifted and Talented students made speeches as they each represented the two main candidates in this election.

John Moreno, a third grade student, represented Barack Obama, and his speech focused on change and what he would do to lead the country in the right direction. He spoke of help for the middle class and working on stabilizing the economy.

Frankie Rivera, also a third grade student, represented John McCain and was passionate about how he has always served his country well and has made many sacrifices. He discussed his commitment to education and finding new and better resources for energy independence.

After all the votes were counted, Barack Obama won by a landslide. Longoria said that educational events such as these leave lasting impressions on students and make them feel that anything can be achieved if they are an active participant in the election process.