Driscoll City Council members gave notice on Thursday that Public Works Director Raymond Rodriguez would see a decrease in pay and the loss of his title as he has yet to be certified to manage the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

Rodriguez has served as the Public Works director for the past two years, supervising operations for the small community. Mayor John Aguilar said Rodriguez has yet to pass the licensing exam for the necessary certification. Aguilar said former Driscoll Public Works Director Robert Castellano has been assisting the city in that area on a contractual basis since Rodriguez took over operations.

No total contract figures paid to Castellano was available after Thursday’s meeting, but Aguilar said the most he recalled Castellano was paid for his contract work in one month was $1,300. Castellano does work a full-time job during the day, checking on wastewater treatment operations after work, Aguilar said.

Castellano has recently expressed to city officials the need for the city to find someone who is certified for the position, Aguilar said.

Rodriguez’s salary was reduced from $15.39 to $12 an hour. Aguilar said when Rodriguez does receive his license, he can apply with the city. At that point, the city council will decide whether to once again create the position of city public works director. Two other workers in the department are also in position to complete the requirements for licensing, Aguilar said, and if they so chose, could also pursue the position should it reopen.

Driscoll City Council members also held a public hearing on the proposed 2011-12 budget. This was the second public hearing the city held in as many weeks.

Total revenues and expenditures on the proposed budget were even at $1,014,741. There were no members of the public at the hearing. Council members approved the budget as presented.