The incumbent in this year's mayoral race is seeking his fifth consecutive term in office in order to achieve his goal of making Robstown the crossroads and destination of South Texas.

Rodrigo Ramon Jr., who was first elected to office in 2001, has previously served as a city council member and mayor pro tem. He said during his time in office Robstown has experienced a boom in industry and business, citing the new U.S. Army storage facility currently under construction and the proposed multi-million dollar Outlets at Corpus Christi Bay, which is currently scheduled to open in 2010.

In addition, large renovation projects have been completed at the city's fire department and police station. Street repair work is also currently underway citywide, and renovations are being looked at for the city's animal control and public works buildings, he said.

Despite the large number and scale of all those projects, Ramon said his biggest accomplishment thus far has been helping the city council and other boards unite for one goal - to help Robstown grow.

"If we stand divided, which has happened in the past, it just doesn't work," Ramon said. "We all understand that we all have different opinions and all our entities have different needs, but if we join together, then all of us can accomplish the same thing."

The incumbent said the ultimate goal is to attract new business to the area to provide jobs for the city's residents, something he hopes voters will agree only an experienced mayor can make happen.

"All those (new businesses) mean jobs for our people and if we can get jobs, people working, we're giving them opportunities for college fees and tuition," Ramon said.

But none of that can happen, he added, if the city does not work together to meet that goal.

"If we decide to do something and be successful, then we're doing it," Ramon said. "If we decide not to do something and we fail, it's because we decide to fail."