The Corpus Christi Police Department shut down a portion of Leopard Street in Annaville last week after an employee at a local car wash discovered what appeared to be a bomb in a trash bin.

Darryl Maxwell, an employee of two years at Fast Trax Oil Change, said he was making his morning rounds and emptying the trashcans outside the business when he noticed something strange in one of the bins.

"I saw a PVC pipe just sticking up a little bit out of the trash," Maxwell said. "So I moved some of the papers aside, though I probably shouldn't have done that, and all I saw was this black box and I saw wires coming out the top of it."

Maxwell said he then called his boss, who was in another part of Corpus Christi, to alert him to the situation.

"I let him know we might have a bomb," Maxwell said.

Chris Teeter, the general manager of Fast Trax, said he called authorities about the possible bomb after seeing it, though he had a feeling the device was not real after looking at it.

"It was wrapped with duct tape and a box with some electrical device that looked like a calculator," Teeter said. "Someone intentionally made it look like a bomb, but whether or not it was some kind of Halloween costume somebody threw away, who knows?"

Police arrived with the bomb squad, who deployed a remote robotic device designed to examine and dispose of explosives while keeping officers and civilians at a safe distance. Officers also shut down part of Leopard Street for nearly four hours while the bomb squad used the robot to look at the possible bomb closely before using small explosives to destroy the device with three separate, small blasts.

Police said Nov. 6 the device did not contain any explosives. It was later determined the alleged bomb was part of a suicide bomber Halloween costume, officers said Monday.

For Maxwell, even though the bomb was a hoax, he said the incident would cause him to be a little more wary of his surroundings when he's on the job.

"I find all kinds of things people leave and that's the first time I ever see anything like that," Maxwell said. "It was a scary feeling."