People young and old came out Saturday morning, for the ribbon cutting and grand opening of a beautiful 15,000-square-foot building which holds much more than offices and books, but a chance of opportunity.

The Keach Family Library, located in Robstown, opened its doors to the public Saturday morning as the crowd anxiously awaited the ribbon cutting and total inside view of what the new library holds.

The library offers a variety of educational resources and opportunities for people young and old.

The Go Center is one educational aspect that the Keach Family Library offers. The Go Center, located on most high school and college campuses, helps people come up with a career plan or higher education plan, either after high school or for adults who want an alternative.

"We do raise college awareness, but we also offer alternatives like going into the military, or Marines," said Noe Ortega, Go Center director. "Del Mar, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and Texas A&M University-Kingsville are some of the local colleges that have collaborated with us. We encourage people to come down to the library to visit with us about career plans."

The library offers a broad children's area, computer work stations, wireless Internet, public meeting space, a coffee shop along with a relaxing veranda.

"I'm extremely happy and impressed with this library," said Jeanessa Escamilla of Robstown. "We were regular attendees at the old library, but this library is much bigger and offers more resources for the school children. Now I can bring my children to see Kippy and I too can enjoy myself over here."

The name "Keach Family Library" was suggested by Sam F. Keach after given the opportunity by former County Judge Terry Shamsie. This library, which boasts an additional 11,000 square feet in comparison to the old library at the Johnny S. Calderon County Building, offers attributes which appeal to the adult eye as well as the child's eye.

"The family unit is very important," Keach said. "Every person, regardless of age, should get the same opportunity to learn to read and to use a computer. This library offers many attractive and educational things for children, but more importantly for their parents as well. I feel that if the parents have a reason to come here, it may make a difference in their child's life, which will in turn raise their chance of opportunities."

As part of the library's ribbon cutting and opening, the city of Robstown donated $4,100 to the Keach Family Library book drive.

The Keach Family Library picked up a total of $4,893 during its book drive Friday and Saturday and had at least 100 people, if not more, come by the library Sunday, its first official open day, while many who received library cards.

"A new library has been a long time waiting for the city of Robstown," said Robstown citizen Maria Hill. "This is what the kids need for a prosperous life. This will aid in keeping them off the streets and out of trouble. With raising my three grandchildren, this library is the best thing for them."

A member of the library's namesake agreed.

"If this library can give people hope and raise their expectations, it's served its purpose," Keach said.