A Calallen High School student working to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout by raising money for a local youth shelter for neglected and abused children accomplished his goal last week.

Seventeen-year-old Preston McNabb raised $3,600 to buy new dining room tables and chairs for The Ark Assessment Center and Emergency Shelter for Youth in Calallen. The money was raised through private donations from the community, Preston said.

"I'm very happy with the result," he said.

The furniture will be housed in a new expansion to The Ark Assessment Center that opened Wednesday, the facility's president, Sister Milagros Tormo, said.

The Ark provides care and intervention for abused and neglected children and youth, from infants to 17-year-old teens, by providing them with a secure and temporary place to stay.

The gesture by Preston, as well as the numerous teen volunteers the facility has had in the past, is an example of today's youth working to better their community, Milagros said.

"We see this as a marvelous thing for many reasons," she said. "These are young people…and it takes time to do all this. That they do it for these kids, who have been abused, makes it all the more meaningful. I am very impressed."

Preston, a senior at Calallen High School, said he was just happy to see the project completed so that the new furniture could be put to use at the facility.

"The main thing I want to say is 'Thank you' to everyone for donating to my project," he said.