Robstown City Councilwoman Sybil Tipton says she will continue to serve on the council while she battles cancer.

Tipton was diagnosed with breast cancer in December and began chemotherapy in January. She said the news shocked her.

"When I first found out about it, I was devastated," said the Place 1 city councilwoman. "We had a city council meeting in January and I just couldn't go. I said 'God, I am too busy for breast cancer, I don't have time for this.'"

Tipton underwent 3 1/2 months of chemotherapy and recently had an ultrasound to see if the tumor had shrunk.

However, it hadn't and now she's undergoing another three months of a different type of chemotherapy before having the tumor removed.

"I'm just really not well yet," she said. "I've got maybe six more weeks of chemo. Either way I will have to have surgery, wither a lumpectomy or mastectomy."

Tipton said she would continue serving on the council during the chemotherapy.