The reverend of a church that had $5,000 worth of instruments stolen, and then returned, said last week that the instruments were returned in non-working order and may need to be repaired.

The Reverend Juan Rubio said a man contacted the church office on Monday to inform them the instruments, a set of drums and a pair of electronic pianos, had been dropped off at his home, though Rubio would not say where that home was located. After bringing them back to the church, Rubio said he noticed the instruments did not sound as they should and could not tune them.

"I'm happy that we got them back, but they're messed up," Rubio said. "They're not the way they should have been."

Vandals struck Templo Maranatha Church, located on the corner of Jefferson and Nebraska, sometime Aug. 1, police said. Rubio arrived at the building the next morning and noticed that the doors had been forced open.

The power was out inside the church, which was the result of someone having turned off the main breaker switch to the building, police said.

When the pastor entered the church, he found plants had been knocked down and furniture overturned. It was when he got closer to the altar, Rubio said, that he noticed the church's drum set and electronic pianos had gone missing.

Rubio then called police, who responded to the scene and began investigating the crime. Officers found fingerprints at the scene, police said, and a suspect is already under investigation. No arrests had been made as of Monday.

Police have not released the name of the suspect out of concern the individual might try to flee the area.

Donations are currently being taken to help the church pay for a new door, which was damaged from being forced open and will not close properly, as well as a new security system. A barbecue chicken plate fundraiser, for $6, will be held Aug. 22.

For more information, contact The Reverend Juan Rubio at (361) 533-9985.