The Robstown Police Department is investigating the death of an apparent homeless man, after his unidentified body was found on the east side of town Saturday.

According to Robstown Police Department reports, the body was located in an area of abandoned businesses near Main Avenue and Highway 77 that is known to be frequented by local homeless individuals.

Investigators said Monday the body was located by a man who was looking for a friend who was known to camp at that location. That man reportedly discovered a blue tent at the site and, upon entering the tent, discovered the body of a deceased male in an advanced state of decomposition.

The man's friend was later located at a local hospital.

The body was taken to the Corpus Christi Medical Examiner's Office, where an autopsy was performed Monday.

Investigators said the body is of a white male, 60 years of age or older. He has light brown hair and is between five feet three inches and five feet six inches in height.

He was wearing blue jeans, black boots and no shirt at the time of his death. He has a large tattoo on his back.

Although final autopsy results were not available as of press time, investigators said no foul play is suspected in the case.

The medical examiner's office has collected fingerprint, dental and DNA evidence from the body, but no identification has been made.

He is believed to have passed away approximately two weeks ago and lay undisturbed at the site where he was found.

Anyone with information related to this case is asked to contact Det. E.G. Paredez Jr. at the Robstown Police Department, 387-3531.