Local author Frank McMillan recently spoke to Carrie Wolter's Language Arts students at the Bishop Elementary School library.

McMillan's novel, "Cezzane is Missing," is read each year as part of a study about the Holocaust. Wolter has incorporated this book into her curriculum since its publication in 2006. This most recent visit marked McMillan's fourth trip to Wolter's class since 2006.

The 50 students listened attentively as the author spoke about his conception of "Cezanne is Missing." The book is set in New York City shortly after the events of September 11, 2001.

Fifteen-year-old Lauren, the female protagonist, learns about the horrifying experiences of her art teacher, Mrs. Rosen, in the Warsaw ghetto during the Nazi occupation in World War II.

Lauren, along with Mrs. Rosen and her young grandson David, must outwit, outrun and defeat the ruthless extortionists. Lauren experiences first-hand a glimpse into the horror, hate and intolerance inflicted upon so many innocent victims during World War II.

Wolter said that for many of her students, this novel has rooted an awareness of not only the sordid history of the Holocaust, but an understanding that similar acts of intolerance in today's world must be stopped.