A Robstown native was honored recently by the State of Texas for valor shown in the line of duty.

Alice Police Department Patrol Officer Daniel X. Elizondo was honored by the State of Texas on June 11 with the 2008 State of Texas Law Enforcement Achievement Award for Valor, along with 19 other law enforcement officers from across the state.

The officers were recognized for their professional achievements, public service and valor. The ceremony was held at the State Capitol with Governor Rick Perry as the keynote speaker. Elizondo has served nine years as a police officer.

Elizondo responded to a bank robbery in progress on the mourning of April 10, 2008. Two other officers involved in the pursuit were injured. Elizondo, without fear for his safety and well being, continued in pursuit of the vehicle.

During the pursuit, the suspect unexpectedly reversed his care and slammed into Elizondo's patrol unit. The patrol vehicle sustained heavy damage, and Elizondo was trapped inside.

The suspect fired at Elizondo with his rifle, hitting the officer in the leg. Elizondo, relying on his years of training, returned fire and neutralized the suspect in an act of personal bravery and valor, according to the TCLEOSE officials.